Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Faith journey: Personal Reflections

We all come to God in different ways, explore some of our church members own reflections of their faith journies:

If I was to give one piece of advice to someone who is exploring their faith for the first time, I would say: read God’s word, be obedient to Him at all times, be prepared to share all things that are good and bad with someone who is close to God. Listen to those around you; don’t get too anxious if you get things wrong. You are redeemed.  Jesus has paid the price. Say you are sorry and get on with things. And remember this always: Jesus loves you.”

I turned to Christ at a worship group. When we brought our children to be baptised, God spoke to me.  I knew I had to come to church to learn more.  My relationship with God is not dependent on church but church enables me to flourish and helps me to share God’s love with others.”

When I gave my life to Christ I became part of the church community and was accepted for who I was. The challenges of modern life mean I am now more reliant and dependent on God for everything. I long to be closer to God.”

Being a Young Church leader has taught me so many different messages and faith incidents from the Bible.  One example was the account of Noah's Ark.  The more I researched the topic the more fascinated I became and more aware of God's work and the enormous job we all still have to do.”