Groups and activities at coley

Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups

The group meets for an informal meeting and Bible Study, where we take it in turns to lead the study, if we want to, and where everyone’s voice is heard. The group is supportive and friendly.

Children Church

Youth Church

We meet every Sunday except Family Service at 10.30 am in Church. Young people up to 11years can join us.

Bulamba - parish links

Bulamba Link

Bulamba As a parish we have been linked with Bulamba, a vibrant parish in the Diocese of Mara, Tanzania since 2002. It was originally one of the five churches under Karukekere Parish and was made a full parish in 2001.

The village is located near the eastern shore of Lake Victoria about 100 km from Musoma Town and about 35 km from Bunda Town. The village covers an area of 24 square kilometres and has a population of around 18,000 people, with approximately 3,000 households.