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History of Coley Church

History of Coley Church

500 Years of Worship

Five Hundred Years of Worship at Coley - A Time to Celebrate.

500 years of Worship on a Hill In 2013 St John's, the Church on a Hill, Coley celebrated 500 years of worship on this hill above Halifax on Coley Road. The present church and the earlier chapels have been landmarks for miles around, where people through the ages had worshiped and prayed. It had been a place of refuge and a place of comfort.

People may have wondered why our forebears chose this site for a church. The choice was made so that our church could serve the medieval townships of Hipperholme, Northowram, Shelf and Coley and was placed within walking distance of all these villages. This was also the only available land at the time.

It was the first place of worship outside Halifax town. Normally, people would walk from the townships to the Parish Church of Halifax - quite a trek! A local benefactor, William Thorpe, thought not only of the distance that he had to travel to Halifax Parish Church, but that it would be a good thing for the Hipperholme township to have its own church where the parishioners could attend mass and listen to the words of God. Otherwise, people would have had a very long journey, both in time and distance, which in wintry conditions, left much to be desired.

Five hundred years is a very long time, going back to the reign of Henry VIII who came to the throne in 1509. Our church has seen many changes, not least within the organisation of the Church of England, but God has been with us guiding us and walking with us. We pray that He will continue to do so in the next 500 years, whatever they may hold. We prayed that the Holy Spirit will direct us and asked that you include us in your prayers for St John's, the Church on the Hill, Coley

HERITAGE WEEK, We shall open our church between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. COME AND SEE OUR HERITAGE