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God So Loved the World...

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Getting to Know God

Often people do not think about the existence of God or a relationship with God until there is a crisis in their life, for example bereavement, job loss, illness. At that point, many people say a prayer of one kind or another, but at St John's we believe that a relationship with God is for all times and not just emergencies.

When God created the world he did not withdraw from it but invested in it. He said from the moment humankind came into existence that he wanted to be part of our lives, but he will never come in uninvited. Many people do not realise that God does want to know them. In truth, He is desperate to know them. This is one of the reasons that Jesus died on the cross, as proof of God's commitment to us.

Getting to know God is like a child getting to know its parents. At first, as a baby there is no real understanding, just an awareness of love and care. By the time childhood comes, parents are the ones to turn to for support, for love and for all our needs. By adulthood, parents are there for guidance, to talk to, to turn to for help and in some cases to look after. When we first get to know God, we just experience his love. As we grow, we learn to communicate with him, ask him for his support, his guidance and we see just how much he is taking care of us.

If you would like that relationship for yourself, email or come and visit us on a Sunday.